UPDATE: New Haven man admits to agruing with his wife before she was killed

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WOWO):   Wiley Brown III was in an argument with his wife, Courtney, when he started to cry, according to the Journal Gazette.  She leaned over to hug him when he pushed her away and proceeded to get his wife’s gun from the closet.  He then held the gun to his head and was thinking of committing suicide.  He states that he shot the floor once, then his wife tried to grab the gun from him.  Brown says that he fired the gun twice and then saw one of the shots hit his wife’s forehead.

His children, ages five and two, were home sleeping at the time.  Brown called his father to come pick up the children after the shooting occurred.  It is not known whether his father knew what had happened.  After his father picked them up, he proceeded to a friend’s house for a few minutes before going to the New Haven Police Department and saying “I killed my wife.”

When officers arrived on the scene on the 1900 block of Medford Drive, they found that the front door was open.  They saw a men’s wedding ring, a handgun and shell casings next to the victim’s body.  Brown told investigators that she was repeating his name as she was trying to get the gun from his hands.  He didn’t understand why she would try to get the gun away from him.  Brown is currently held without bail at the Allen County Jail and is being charged with murder.

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