“Red for Ed” to impact FWCS

(Supplied/Indiana State Teachers Association)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): One of the biggest school districts in Indiana will be impacted by an upcoming day of lobbying for better education funding.

The “Red for Ed” day, when thousands of teachers will be rallying in Indianapolis for better pay and working conditions, is November 19th; now the Journal Gazette reports that Fort Wayne Community Schools is expecting nearly a third of its 1,825 teachers to participate in the rally.

FWCS schools initially planned to remain open but will now close. Huntington County Community Schools announced Monday that they would cancel classes due to the number of teachers participating.


  1. The RedforEd movement was started by a known socialist. While teachers may be underpaid, allowing an ultra leftwing agenda to continue it’s creep into school curriculum is the wrong way to go. RedforEd does not care about students or teachers. Their goal is to elect socialist leaning candidates to destroy America from within. This is how socialism works. Those who don’t recognize this threat are doomed so suffer from it.

  2. do this in the summer time while your off. don’t hold the kids hostage to advance your liberal union advancement and then the same day say we care about the kids. BS. way to go. thank goodness wendy Robinson is leaving.


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