Mayoral candidates offer differing perspectives on Red River performance

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The trash collection situation in Fort Wayne is a big topic for this fall’s Mayoral election.

Republican candidate Tim Smith blames incumbent Democrat Tom Henry and says, if elected mayor, Red River Waste Solutions will either do their job… or else.

“I would declare Red River in breach of contract, we would move on, and the taxpayers of Fort Wayne would once again start receiving A-Plus trash service.”

That’s according to Fort Wayne’s NBC. Mayor Henry responded by saying that the company’s doing the best it can:

“Red River has been losing a lot of its drivers to other companies, who have been paying more,” Henry says, adding that Red River has been making 99% of the pickups it should be, which “is an A-Plus in most books.”

Red River has been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for missed and late trash pickups since being hired in January 2018. The City Council declared the contractor in breach of contract last year.


  1. Saying lack of drivers is the problem is a complete LIE.
    Each and every day our trash is supposed to be picked up we see the truck driving back and forth., back and forth on our road. Most people’s trash is very obviously full so they have to see it. They are just driving, not picking anyone’s up.


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