Complaints mount over Red River once again

(Photo Supplied/Red River Waste Solutions)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Here we go again: more complaints are piling up over the City of Fort Wayne’s garbage collection service.

“We should have ditched Red River a long time ago,” Cory Whitesel says to Fort Wayne’s NBC about the type of service he and many residents have received from Red River Waste Solutions. He even says he might take his full trash cans to Citizens Square to empty them there because they’re not being picked up at his house.

“I’m ready to start calling around to other waste services and see if I can get them in here at least for mine to pick up,” he adds.

The trash contractor struggled when it first started a seven-year contract with the city in January 2018 and ended up being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. Things seemed to have quieted down in recent months after a City task force redesigned the pickup routes and Red River added more drivers.

A spokesman for the City says the recent problems have cropped up due to Red River losing a number of drivers recently to other jobs.


  1. the manager running Red River Waste Services is a brother-in-law to Mayor Tom Henry. do not expect the trash collection to be improved or fired because of the relationship


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