Hancz-Barron found guilty on all counts


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A jury found Cohen Hancz-Barron guilty of murdering a woman and her three children in June of last year.

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Hancz-Barron, 22, was found guilty of four counts of murder and a life without parole enhancement according to Our Partners in News at ABC 21. He fatally stabbed 26-year-old Sarah Zent and her three children—5-year-old Carter, 3-year-old Ashton and 2-year-old Aubree—on June 2 in the 2900 block of Gay Street.

The Zent family asked the prosecutor last year that they did not want to pursue the death penalty.

Hancz-Barron was found at an apartment complex in Lafayette after the slayings, where detectives found a bloodied knife and the woman’s credit card in his wallet.



  1. At 22, i surely didn’t know what i wanted to do with the rest of my life.
    …I guess the courts have helped Mr. Cohen decide.

    I can only hope that his useless life can somehow make amends to the family of the 4 lives that he took.

    I read that he was convicted thief. Was there ever any signs that he was capable of such evil?
    I don’t know that motivations were ever revealed.

    ..although there is never anything to justify the slaying of 3 children and their mother.


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