Goshert to assume Kosciusko County Sheriff operations

(Photo Supplied/Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department)

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department has released information on how they’ll proceed with daily business after current Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine pleaded guilty to a felony charge of intimidation.

Effective today, Kosciusko County Chief Deputy William Rocky Goshert will assume all daily operational decisions for the Department, while Sheriff Rovenstine will continue to fulfill his statutory requirements of the office of Sheriff, at least until his sentencing hearing takes place on May 23rd.

He faces between 6 and 30 months in prison for a plea deal he made with prosecutors that saw 9 other charges, including accepting bribes and assisting a criminal, waived. Rovenstine was charged last year with accepting bribes to allow an inmate to have unrecorded phone conversations, then intimidating a Warsaw police detective who was investigating the allegation.

If the court decides to lower the crime to a misdemeanor, legal experts say Rovenstine wouldn’t even have to step down as Sheriff.

Rovenstine will continue to complete legal documents that still require the signature and authorization of the elected sheriff until that time as well.



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