First look at Jefferson Pointe “Courtyard Makeover” project

Photo Supplied - RED Development

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The first rendering has been released for the Jefferson Pointe roadway project.

The “Courtyard Makeover” project aims to run a road through the middle of the outdoor mall, in an attempt to increase parking and bring in new tenants.

Monday, the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission approved reimbursement deals for the project. RED Development will receive up to $3.5-million.

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  1. RE: Jefferson Pointe Project
    I wonder whether they should have asked the public, also. It’s a very pedestrian- and children-friendly mall, as it is, the only place in Fort Wayne where you can walk and shop and enjoy the outdoors. Maybe it shouldn’t all be about bringing more revenue, but bringing more people outdoors…and being less tied to their cars.The problem I faced was quite opposite: I had to park my car a bit far from the restaurant I was going to, and I found it very difficult to walk from the parking lot to the restaurant, and cross the roads involved, due to the lack of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings (I think it was near O’Charley’s). Maybe they should focus on that, instead.


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