Driver sentenced in fatal hit-and-run crash

Photo Supplied / Fort Wayne Police Department

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A driver who fled a fiery hit-and-run crash last year was sentenced to three years of house arrest Friday.

Our Partners in News at ABC 21 say Justin Votaw was also sentenced to four years of probation. He pleaded guilty to five counts of leaving the scene of a crash back in April.

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Votaw was driving a friend’s car when he struck another car on Jefferson Boulevard near Swinney Park on Feb. 20, 2017. Jonny Tracy, 23, and Alisa Arsenau, 24, were killed instantly in the crash when their car struck oncoming traffic and then burst into flames after Votaw’s car struck it again. Three others were hospitalized.


  1. Three years house arrest and four years probation isn’t nothing but is it fitting for fleeing the seen of an accident with deaths and injuries? You also have to suspect he was drunk which may explain the reason he fled. No jail time? Let’s not call it the “Justice System” anymore. Try “Let’s make a deal with the Prosecutor’s office”.


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