Andrews faces “impossible situation” over contaminated water

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ANDREWS, Ind. (WOWO): There’s still no timeline to when Andrews residents can use the town’s water again, as town officials and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management are clashing over ideas.

According to the Journal Gazette, the IDEM says the town can cancel an advisory telling residents not to use the water by just shutting down one well and flushing the community’s water system, but town officials say that would leave them without enough water pressure to deal with fires.

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Town officials say Andrews is facing an “impossible situation” after one of the town’s wells was found to contain fifteen times the safe level of vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen, a week ago.


  1. There’s still no timeline….“impossible situation”….I bet the Andrews residents now have strong confidence in the town’s leadship. Isn’t the town adjacent to the Wabash river? They can’t just reach out to some neighboring townships to borrow a couple extra fire engines/or tankers to provide supply during fire events for a few months…. work with IDEM to expedite the construction of a new public well?


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