Young joins bipartisan effort to declare Juneteenth a federal holiday

Photo Supplied / U.S. Senator Todd Young

WASHINGTON, DC (WOWO): Indiana Senator Todd Young is joining a bipartisan effort to create a new Federal Holiday.

Senator Todd Young has joined Democrats and other Republicans in supporting the recognition of June-teenth as a Federal Holiday. Our Partners in News at ABC-21 report that Juneteenth – a combination of the words June and 19th marks the day when the last US Slaves learned that the Civil War had ended and that they were free.

Currently, 47 states plus the District of Columbia recognize June 19th as a state holiday, however, Congress has never had enough of a consensus to designate the day as a Federal Holiday. The bill would mark the historical significance of the date and encourage people to learn more about it.


  1. Nice. Federal employees will get another paid holiday…and in JUNE!! A month they were missing…which Ironically why Columbus Day was declared because October had NO federal holidays…but now…in light of Columbus being a racist and his statute’s torn down in Democrat run cities, The Federal Employees including Republican Todd Young should give up their paid Columbus Day Holiday that honor’s a racist in the minds of so many woke SJW Protestors.

  2. this is typical of the kinds of virtue-signaling bills Sen. Young gets behind —- he never sticks his neck out in any way —- the GOP needs a conservative to challenge him the next time he runs for re-election


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