WOWO 90th Special: Part 1

On March 31, 1925, WOWO Radio signed onto 1320 kilocycles as a 500 watt radio station.  It’s weird to think of WOWO on any other frequency than 1190AM, but that change wouldn’t happen until 1941.  Located with the Main Auto Supply Company in downtown Fort Wayne, the station would soon become the most powerful station in the Hoosier State.


WOWO Indiana's Most Powerful Broadcasting StationIn the early years between 1925 and 1940, the station would broadcast a lot of firsts, including the first basketball game ever, the “Man on the Street” program, and even broadcast by remote the IHSAA basketball tournament.  The Hoosier Hop was broadcast from coast to coast and Westinghouse would purchase the station in this period as well.  WOWO also was one of only 16 stations in the country to launch on the CBS radio in 1927, considered a pioneer station by the network.

Bob SieversIt was also in these early years that something (or someone) very special would begin.  WOWO hired both a young Robert Sievers and seasoned Jay Gould.

The two would grace the airwaves for decades and dominate ratings.

Jay was first hired as “The Old Songsmith,” the children’s services director.  It wasn’t later until he would become farm director.

But Bob was heard on WOWO before they hired him.  As a South Side High School freshmen, he would sign on the station from the Gospel Temple after his Journal Gazette paper route.

WOWO Staff 1932

In this episode you’ll hear not only about the launch of the station, but also the beginning of radio history.  Learn more about the early years of some of the historic personalities like Bob Sievers and Jay Gould, hear about the origins of the station as well as some never before stories from the early years and people who were there to live it.

WOWO control room 1937

special WOWO coverage



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