Woman’s clash with RediMed over COVID test goes viral

(WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A local mom’s difficulties with a Fort Wayne medical clinic have gone viral and raised questions about discrimination.

Elizabeth Hicks posted a video online showing a worker at a RediMed clinic off Cook Road in Fort Wayne refusing to treat her teen son’s sinus infection unless he submitted to a COVID test. She tells WOWO News things went south after she said “no.”

“(The doctor) said ‘if you’re not getting a COVID test, then I’m not treating him… if you’re not going to do that, you need to leave.”

The clinic reportedly told her a COVID test would be necessary in order to get a note for her son’s school, which Hicks said she didn’t need anyway. You can find a video of the confrontation below, and listen to her full interview with WOWO here.

Hicks eventually went to another RediMed clinic, where she says she received the treatment she was seeking without any issue.

The LHN website states that “all who enter our facilities are asked to verify that they do not have COVID symptoms or recent exposure to the virus. This includes patients, visitors, and employees.”

A Lutheran Health Network representative sent WOWO the following statement in response to Hicks’ story:

“It is our strong desire for each patient to have a positive interaction with our health system. Though we are unable to comment on specific patients due to federal privacy regulations, we are able to share that our providers, like others across the country, are following CDC guidelines that recommend COVID-19 testing for patients who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Lutheran Health Network cares for all patients regardless of their vaccination status. As healthcare providers, our team members are responsible for protecting patients’ privacy as well as their protected health information. Video recordings in patient care areas can jeopardize other patients’ expectations of privacy.”


  1. Summary: We won’t comment on our staff, but we criticize you for the video holding our people accountable and an on-display violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

    RediMed’s a joke anyways…go to FirstCare

  2. Everyone has a right to refuse any test, medication or service. This mom and kid should never have been denied care. This nurse practitioner needs to answer to her treatment of this mom and patient (she has a license – mom can make a complaint with the board of nursing). This is irresponsible, I would like to know what Hippocratic Oath she took. This nurse practitioner knows darn well that his sinus infection can become something more serious (Sepsis) if untreated. Plus what does a COVID test do for this child’s care. A COVID test does not change the fact that he has a sinus infection.

    Who is she going to deny next – a non-compliant diabetic.

  3. My husband went to van wert health because as a nurse I’m 99% sure he had covid. He too refused the nasal swab so they refused to prescribe him anything. This is total BS. Luckily I had antibiotics left over from when I had last year as well as steroids and an inhaler I gave him. He’s been down 3 weeks now with an has lost 22 pounds. It’s ridiculous they wouldn’t prescribe him anything just because he chose not to be another covid statistic.

    • Wait… doesn’t that, by your own admission, make him a COVID statistic anyway? Then why not just get the test to confirm it, if you think he already has it?

      • Covid is nothing more than the annual flu. Hospitals blow it all out of proportion. Any other year when you catch the flu they give you medication to treat. Look up annual flus by name. I saw a listing that shows every year they have a different name for the flu that year. This year was all about locking us down and taking away our freedoms. Nothing more

        • Once you refuse to get vaccinated, you give up the right to covid treatment. You do not get to risk the lives of healthcare workers because you had the opportunity to do the right thing and chose not to. At this point, healthcare workers should only treat the breakthrough cases and those who were not eligible for vaccines. Doubt you have any medical training.

          • Refused to “do the right thing”?!? So the same folks who developed the virus now are in charge of determining what “the right thing” is for EVERYONE”?!! If it’s right for you, do it. But it is my right to decide for my family. Healthcare workers treat smokers, alcoholics, suicide attempts, and millions of others each day who have made choices that weren’t the “norm”. These workers take an oath to treat the ill- NO MATTER WHAT. If they cannot do the job, they should not be in the medical profession.

    • Can’t you get him IVM or HCQ. I took IVM into my 3rd week and within hours I was feeling much better.
      The cough and congestion were the worst part of it. For the congestion try “Proning” you can google/YT search and it really really helped clear my lungs.
      Good luck

  4. Nope. The government incentive is to count all illness as Covid. it is an insane obsession with these medical tyrants. Everyplace I go for any kind of medical treatment is certify you have no symptoms, no fever, etc. I have not been forced to get a Covid test before treatment. If the test was positive they’d send you away without treatment. The PCR test is infamous for false positive results anyway because it is not used properly. Something to do with cycles. Use enough cycles and the tiniest piece of the virus can be detected even though the person is not infected. When will the insanity stop. Besides, We shouldn’t listen to the CDC, NIH, or FDA because they have lied through their teeth to us over the last couple of years. Do a little research and you will see just how bad this is with the lying and CONTROL of THE PEOPLE.

  5. She needs to be fired, she didn’t follow policy, Lutheran even says recommend test, not required, & has no right to deny anyone care. Lutheran trys to make it about video & pictures. Lol! That’s like blaming a fire for burning your house down, but nevermind the guy with gas can & matches.


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