UPDATED: Woman dies after being hit by dump truck

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

**Update: Stroh has died, according to an update issued on July 8th by the Angola Police Department. The original story follows below.**

ANGOLA, Ind. (WOWO): A 67-year-old woman is in critical condition after her bicycle was hit from behind by a dump truck Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Angola Police Department, officers were called to Wendell Jacob Avenue near Glendarin Way at around 12:45pm to find Susan Stroh, an Angola resident, suffering from a head injury and several broken bones. She was airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital.

Police believe the dump truck was being driven by a 43-year-old Michigan man and approached the woman’s bicycle from behind, then collided with her. Details as to why the crash happened were not released, and an investigation is ongoing.

At this time, police do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in what happened.


  1. A few vehicular “operators” (used very loosely, here) seemingly scurry around bicyclists, without giving much thought to passing safely.

    I have seen, and experienced, this in both Indiana and Ohio.
    Seems like some people forget that bicycles are actually allowed to be on the road, too?
    And, that we must ALL share the road.
    By “share”, i mean that bicyclists must also observe & follow the same rules, as governing law abiding motorists.

    One of the biggest issues, is the passing of bicycles at a “safe” distance.
    It is defined as three feet, minimum.
    You don’t have to be at a 36″ +1″/-0″, my fellow road constituents!


    I recon this accident was a lack of 36″, or greater than.


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