What are Senator Todd Young’s thoughts on the President possibly declaring a national state of emergency?

(Saige Driver / 1190 WOWO)


  1. PLEASE Sen. Young, do whatever it takes to find a way for our representatives to come to agreement to secure our southern border. It is of the utmost importance to all citizens. I suggest that the US government should provide funds for each border state to build a uniform barrier along their southern border, thereby securing their state as well as the rest of the country. Please get our government functioning again. And pray for God’s guidance in this. Thanks. Viv Kerwin. Fishers In.

  2. Security matters but walls do not. Or have you not learned of the three recent Arizona tunnels found below our Southern border in addition to the 220+ tunnels already discovered by DHS?

  3. What he said is not the whole story Democrat’s have offered many different border security options that simply don’t include a unnecessary wall. Trump and our own senator here are the ones holding our country hostage.

  4. Waste is what a physical wall is. If I truly thought it would help stop drugs I would be all in. No President should make a statement at a ralley{which Mexico is suppose to pay for).then throw hissy fits because the answer is no. 5.7 B isn’t anything but a start then it will more and more. You need to see about using that money for the brown water kids are drinking and bathing in Charlestown IN. Also shame on you for not caring if people are working without pay, and thinking Russia SANCTIONS aren’t worth keeping. Indiana needs a senator to do what is good for our country not a thin skinned man child president that really needs to be schooled in history. I find it hard to get my head around all these people with border lands just willing to give up what some have had for generations.

  5. So, bottom line, you are in favor of the wall.
    So sad, since over 60% of Americans DO NOT want a wall, when underground drug activities should be the focus.
    How very sad for you.
    I thought you were much smarter than that.
    Stop focusing on harsh tones when our Commander in Chief lies about facts on a daily basis.
    You have now lost me respect and we will surely “bring it on” come election day.


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