Verizon Wireless currently experiencing unstable cellular service that could affect 911

(Brooklyne Beatty/WOWO News)

INDIANA (WOWO) – Verizon Wireless had indicated that they are experiencing intermittent service and an unstable network at this time.

The problems at this time are across the nation and in particular, the Great Lakes region which includes Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Allen County is one of the areas that are experiencing these unstable conditions.

The issue is primarily affecting the cellular 4G LTE Services Network with voice and texting services.

Verizon has said their engineers are working to resolve the issue.

In the event, a person needs to call 911 for an emergency and their call is dropped or does not go through, Verizon says to try again several times if necessary or use a “land-line” if one is available.


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