VA policy advises removal of Bibles, crosses from public display in hospital chapels

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Is the Veterans Administration removing crosses and Bibles from its hospitals?

WOWO News reached out to the Fort Wayne VA hospital after a couple of listener tips saying just that, based on federal guidelines.

A spokesman there tells WOWO News that Christian symbols have been removed from public view at its chapels, but only when there is not a service taking place.

“The chapel will remain religiously neutral, except when a service is occurring.  When there is not a service occurring, the chapel must be religiously neutral,” spokesman Matthew Kelly says.

In a response to WOWO News’ request for more details, such as if this is a new rule, and for clarification on if it applies to other religions’ objects, the VA sent the following statement:

“Yes, it extends to all religious symbols. This is not a new rule. The requirement derives from a VHA directive and applies to all VHA facilities throughout the VA.”


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