UPDATED: Indiana State Police investigating officer-involved shooting in Auburn

(WOWO News)

AUBURN, Ind. (WOWO): The Indiana State Police are investigating after an officer-involved shooting left one person injured Thursday morning in Auburn.

Officials tell our Partners in News at ABC 21 that the shooting happened near the intersection of DeKalb Ave. and Phillip Street.

Indiana State Police say an Auburn Police officer pulled over a motorcyclist with a passenger for a traffic violation. That’s when the trooper says he saw the motorcyclist pull out a handgun. The trooper fired his handgun, striking the motorcyclist. The passenger was not injured.

The motorcyclist was taken to a Fort Wayne hospital. There is no word on their condition.

No officers were hurt in the shooting. An investigation is still ongoing.


  1. Those Auburn cops are so corrupt. They pulled me over for cause my hound dog was loose in my pickup truck bed. I told em he was a good boy and only got hurt that one time. My grandma bailed me out and then we each peed on their squad cars leaving the jail. LOL!!

  2. We spoke with the passenger of the motorcycle. She has a total opposite story. Apparently, when the apd pulled up to them they were already stopped, the squad had no lights or sirens on. They proceeded to get out of their squad guns drawn. She swears that the driver did not move a muscle when they shot him. After he was laying there bleeding out they searched him and found no gun. They pulled a lighter out of his pocket and threw it on the ground. They then while waiting 1/2 HR until the ems got there, give each other a fist bump. Where are all the protesters now? #WHITELIVESMATTERTOO


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