UPDATE: Estranged husband sets wife on fire, more details released

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – More details have been released concerning Wednesday morning’s house fire.

A woman was severely injured after her estranged husband allegedly set fire to both her and her home in the 5600 block of South Harrison Street.

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Documents released Thursday reveal the estranged wife had taken out a restraining order against her husband, Eddie Caldwell, 54, earlier this month.

Our partners in news at ABC 21 report Caldwell allegedly got into an argument with his wife earlier Wednesday morning, before the fire. He allegedly went to a nearby gas station and filled a water bottle with gasoline.

He then waited for his grandson to leave the home before re-entering and revisiting the argument.

Reports say Caldwell poured the bottle of gasoline on himself and his wife, then ignited them on fire. He quickly attempted to extinguish the flames.

A neighbor reports Caldwell’s wife went to their home for help, and they called 911 together.

Another neighbor reports they spoke with Caldwell, who asked for a cigarette and said he was going to jail.

Caldwell is facing charges of burglary, arson resulting in serious bodily injury, domestic battery resulting in serious bodily injury and invasion of privacy.

His wife was last listed in critical condition, with doctors reporting her progress unfavorable.


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