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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Created Equal volunteers are considering legal action against  Fort Wayne Community Schools, if school officials don’t issue an apology.

They’re demanding the apology after being told by South Side High School Principal Carlton Mable to “get off school property.” The anti-abortion protesters were outside South Side High School on Friday, Nov 18.

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“This principal acts very unprofessionally, he takes the signs and tosses them down,” says Mark Harrington, National Director for Created Equal. “He tells the students we can’t be there. He says we can’t even approach their students.”

“That alone is enough to sue this school district because the law is clear… if there is any chilling of first amendment rights that’s actionable in a court of law,” Harrington said. “Whether we do that or not is going to depend on how the district responds to our request for an apology.”

“If they apologize and they say they were in the wrong and we have the right to be there and they’re not going to attempt to censor or infringe upon our rights, we might consider dropping any ideas of pursuing legal action. Until then… we are already talking to our attorneys.”

However, Krista Stockman, spokesperson for Fort Wayne Community Schools, told WOWO News the protesters were hindering students trying to get home.

“As the principal said in the video, had they gone across the street that would have been fine,” said Stockman. “It’s just they were impeding students trying to get home from school. Whether they like it or not, these are children. They may be in high school, but they are children.”

Stay tuned to Fort Wayne’s Morning News with Charly Butcher Wednesday, Nov. 23, to hear a live interview with Harrington at 7:08 a.m.


  1. The pro-birthers, who call themselves Pro-Life, should confess to what they are doing to support babies once they are born, or before they are born. My guess is they are doing NOTHING. Like most conservatives, they talk a big talk in wanting to oppose abortion, which is something most people would agree with. But they back up the talk with no positive action: no supports for pre-natal care of the mother, no supports for pre- and post-natal education, and opposition to health care and the ACA. If you would simply put resources behind common sense sex education and supports for mothers, you could easily cut the abortion rate by 50%, which is more than what showing graphic signs of fetuses will do. Grow up and into reality. Shame on WOWO for getting behind this.


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