Tox Away Day Planned In Fort Wayne This Saturday

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Fort Wayne, Ind. (WOWO):

The City’s Solid Waste Department, along with the Allen County Department of Environmental Management are offering another Tox-Away Day this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Allen County household hazardous waste facility, located at 2260 Carroll Road.

The Solid Waste Department will cover most of the cost of proper disposal with a small fee charged to those bringing in the products for disposal. Residents are advised to bring cash or personal check to cover the disposal costs as credit cards will not be accepted.

Items Include:
*Automotive products
*Fire extinguishers
*Fluorescent light bulbs
*Household cleaners
*Pool chemicals
*Propane tanks

For the protection of residents and workers, this will be a drive-thru event only.


  1. How much of each are we allowed to bring? For example: how many fluorescent bulbs, gallons of paint, cans of oven cleaner and fire extinguishers am I allowed to bring on this one day?


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