The future of the Hub

FORT WAYNE, ind. (WOWO): A change of ownership, new name and health code violations have many speculating the future of the Hub Entertainment Center.

Russ Jehl, City Councilman for District 2, tells WOWO News, the Hub, formerly known as Piere’s, was closed last week, “due to a code violation, due to a lack of a certificate from the Health Department. He says with a change of ownership, the venue was given a 90 day probationary operating certificate and they had to repass the health and building code inspections. However, Jehl says that never happened. “Basically 90 days came and went, and they were still partying and hadn’t fixed it.”

The operator at the Hub says the issues will be cleared up and they’ll be back open better than ever, but many are still concerned that might not happen.


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