Tax Rate Expected To Decrease Within 2023 FWCS Budget

Photo Supplied - FWCS

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Fort Wayne Community Schools expects see a drop in its tax rate.  According to The Journal Gazette, the presentation for the 2023 budget highlighted an overall 3% decrease in the district’s overall tax rate, decreasing from 92.78 cents, down to 90.21 cents within its $345 million spending plan. The bulk of the district’s proposed budget is designated for the education fund. The $225 million will support teachers, classroom assistants, school administration, magnet programs, the Career Academy, classroom materials, curriculum and assessments. About $84.4 million is earmarked for the operations fund. Together, spending for the two funds increased by 4%, according to FWCS Chief Financial Officer, Kathy Friend.


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