Sutter warns of increasing COVID cases

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): COVID-19 cases in Allen County are surging right ahead of holiday travel.

Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter tells the Journal Gazette the county’s current average daily case rate is 273, which is the highest daily count since January, and hospital admissions are rising.

Sutter says seniors and those with weakened immune systems are among the most at-risk, especially so if they’re not vaccinated, so you should take precautions like wearing a mask or using social distancing.

According to the statewide tracking map, Allen County’s seven-day positivity rate is just over 13% as of this writing.


  1. At this point, if your un vaxed and you get sick, stay away from the hospital. You chose freedom and ignorance. Live with or die with the consequences.

  2. At this point, if you are anti freedom move to a different Country. China is a good place for anti Freedom and ignorance. You can live free here, or die as a slave in China.

  3. At this point, if you’ve been a good little sheep and had all of your clot-shots and still get COVID…just keep doing what you are told to do ! Make sure to get your flu shots, pneumonia shots, and all of the rest of the garbage that you need to feel safe ! Keep that TV news going 24/7 so you are informed and know what to think , so you don’t have to think on your own.

  4. Why are all the protocols working when they are not working? The final nail in the coffin of this being a political operation rather than a medical one was when the World Health Organization skipped the Greek letter XI when naming the newly discovered strain. After all, we cannot name a Covid Strain after the mug that gave it to us all, the leader of the CHICOMS. Fauci spews an endless hurricane of schizophrenic lies. The media Lie. The politicians use every issues to create chaos and gain power while lying to us. Why should anyone believe a local health official. Go cry wolf or tell us the sky is falling somewhere else. Do not live you life in a state of perpetual fear especially from a virus that still has a 99.5% recovery rate. It is likely millions of Americans have been exposed, had a mild case but gained antibodies. They are now immune without the Fauci permanent IV drip.


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