Students protest at Homestead High School over viral photo

(Photo Supplied/Southwest Allen County Schools)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Students protested at Homestead High School Thursday morning and the school was placed on a “lockout”.

It stemmed from a now viral photo of a student in blackface. Our partners in news at 21 Alive report that school leaders say the picture, circulating on social media, was taken last summer. They said the student was not in school Thursday and that they were working to take the appropriate next steps.

A livestream on Instagram showed dozens students protesting at the school Thursday morning.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department said the school was placed on “lockout” through the end of the day.


  1. Congrats…Democrats via popculture successfully indoctrinated high school aged kids to the point of them not being able think for them selves…..they are all now herded like sheep.

    Just a matter of time till Indiana goes Blue as their mental illness spreads

      • If Indiana goes Dem, it will die on the vine just like every other liberal state. If you really support the left, you are nothing more than another useful idiot for the Dem party. They rely on people who don’t use their critical thinking skills to continually win elections. If they had to defend their policies in an honest debate, they would never win. Their tools are hypocrisy and distraction. These kids and their behavior are encouraged by leftist thought. The Dems never take responsibility for their actions and any thought of punishment is talked down by false claims of racism, misogony, etc. You and your ilk are trying to destroy the fabric of American society, cause a civil war, and turn us into a third world country.

        • if you were smart you would know that all the taxes them blue states pay in with nothing back goes to all them red poor states so they can have a life. all you have to do of your smart enough is to look out up, it because of the blue states the red states are able to survive or you would die on the vine and really fast. let’s see how smart you really are when you look up the facts

          • BS! Show me any documentation of that! The Blue States and their bs woke politics do nothing but bring their States down. Especially their democrat ran cities. You’re going to have to show exactly how you connect the dots on an idiotic post like that.

          • You don’t need to go very far to find the Lies in your comment. Indiana has always had a surplus of money (Not from the Feds) to the point of the Indiana Government now trying to figure out how to give it back to the people.

            Guess what the “American Rescue plan” did….SAVE THE BLUE STATES of their financial debt burden!!!! LOL

            You are clearly one of the mentally ill, sheep or both

      • Sure, follow the Democrats…the party of Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow Laws. Its a shame that our 1st Republican President Died to abolish slavery from them Democrats…You should watch Joe Biden’s Eulogy during the funeral of fellow Democrat Robert Byrd (grand wizard of the KKK)…but I’m sure you would forgive him…its what sheep do

        Also too bad Women don’t thank Republicans anymore for giving them the Right to Vote…good thing the Republicans had both the House and Senate to pass the 19th Amendment…Democrat Woodrow Wilson only signed it because he was worried about the negative publicity. FACT

    • We now understand why that young girl thought it was ok to wear black face. You and uour kind walk among us. The only sheep there is, is your kind and your stinking thinking. You and everyone like you are what’s wrong with this world. Your heart is evil. We don’t need people like you.

      • let me get this straight, protesting a kid wearing blackface at your H.S. is not thinking for yourself? sounds like u want to dumb the kids down, it’s the very definition of thinking for yourself, just like u would be if u were on the picket line at work, no1 says great look at these unions got these workers all brainwashed can’t think for themselves, your a joke, and if u can’t see how racist that is, but these kids can then their ahead of u when it comes smarts and empathy and all the above

  2. Sheep herding is the plan of the tyrants and the Marxicrat party, but I repeat myself. IT has been many years since students at any level was taught how to think rather than what to think. This system is a gross violation of human rights. If you school thinks that way or teaches that way you need to replace the board and all the administrators ASAP with good solid parents that can think for themselves rather than blindly follow edicts from the state and national edu-crats. We should have learned our lesson over the last three years when stat and local health authorities blindly followed Darth Fraudci and the edicts from the CDC/FDA while they sucked up benefits from big pharma. They became advocates for big pharma rather than regulators which was the job congress, read THE PEOPLE, gave them to do. No one elected those bureaucrats to control our every life movement. In our REPUBLIC that is not one of our founding principles. It is akin to the founding principles of the Soviets and Chicoms. Why do you think there is such a puss to disarm law abiding citizens while letting violet felons out of jail with no bail??? Nearly every day there is a story where a violent person was let out with no bail only to re-offend within hours, if not minutes. Krayton above confirms why the AR-15 is so popular for a home defense firearm. How is a single mom under home invasion suppose to defend herself and her kids against 5 well armed violent thugs that should be in jail, but aren’t???

  3. Shame on WOWO for participating in fake news. Truth is these kids bullied, harassed, destroyed property, assaulted staff, and stopped law abiding kids from learning. The cover up continues today as SACS leaders inform teachers nothing happened and it was peaceful. Shame on WOWO and every other news source in Fort Wayne for cowering to this unacceptable behavior. They are using race as an excuse to break laws and social norms.

    • Sure, that’s a good approach to understanding….call everyone an “idiot”. That will keep the town square in discussion. LOL

  4. Wow, the comments show the state of affairs. It’s obvious where racism is cultivated. Bravo . Hate is a public epidemic and until America deals with its past, the future will reflect the ghost represented in every racism and indifferent comment shared openly on this page.

    • ” America deals with its past”…there’s no way you can be a Democrat. If you are, then you are a GIANT hypocrite….as they are the true Racists both now and historically.

  5. the real problem is they took God out of schools now you got to work through this the parents need to teach your children at home so the children can be born again and give her life to Jesus then we will not have this issue

  6. More comments about this “indecent” than any other I’ve seen at WOWO. Out of 2500 students “dozens” protested. Was it “peaceful” as in calm and law abiding? OR was it “peaceful” as in George Floyd style. I don;t know why a student in 2023 would wear blackface. I do know that occasionally one can see an old movie on TV that hasn’t already been cancelled. Usually it is quite obvious that the actor in blackface is participating in a spoof, a farce, it is obvious.


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