Stay hydrated this Fourth of July

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NATIONWIDE, (WOWO) – Fourth of July celebrations are upon us, and many people spend the them celebrating outside. But, don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

In a release sent by the Indiana Water Association, company President Deborah Dewey says, “As the heat begins to rise, whether Indiana residents and their pets are working or playing outdoors, proper hydration is key to staying safe and enjoying time outdoors.

“We always make sure our employees and residents are educated on the importance and value of water while encouraging them to pay close attention to their body’s need for water.”

There are specific signs to pay attention to that indicate dehydration. The Cleveland Clinic identified some of the signs, which include:

· Fatigue

· Loss of appetite

· Flushed skin

· Heat intolerance

· Light-headedness

· Dark-colored urine

· Dry cough

The best ways to avoid dehydration include dressing light, eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding caffeinated drinks, and consuming water throughout the day.


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