State of Indiana reports 1,249 new cases of COVID-19, 1 death

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): The Indiana State Department of Health states there are 1,249 new positive cases of COVID-19 which occurred between August 27 and September 12.

There has been a total of 105,804 confirmed cases in the state of Indiana since the beginning of the pandemic.

The state reported more than 1.7 million COVID-19 tests have been conducted

The state also reported 1 new death, which occurred on September 11, bringing the total amount of deaths to 3,214.

The 7-day positivity rate for unique individuals is at 6.9 percent, while the cumulative rate is at 8.5 percent.

Another 35 Allen County residents have tested positive for COVID-19, with 23 confirmed PCR cases and 12 probable antigen cases, bringing the total to 5,618 cases and 185 deaths Sunday.

The Allen County case count now includes a total of 261 probable cases from antigen tests reported since July 28.

Because of delays in data reporting to and from the state, Allen County case counts may not always immediately match counts provided by the Indiana State Department of Health.

For updates on cases of COVID-19 in Allen County, click here.

For updates on cases of COVID-19 in the State of Indiana, click here.


  1. We need to remember that the number of new cases should higher than they were earlier in the year because more tests are being processed. This increased testing will improve our public health officials ability to evaluate the distribution of the virus and how to deal with it. The more important numbers related to the severity of the disease is the number of hospitalizations and deaths. Both of these appear to be leveling off and some weeks declining.
    As we in health care prepare for the flu season it is important for all of us to remember to wash our hands often, always use a mask in public and remember to maintain correct distance ( more is better) when in groups. These steps will enable us to open up businesses, churches and other areas important for mental health. Also remember to get all available vaccines. This pandemic is controllable but is a team effort.


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