State crosses one million COVID-19 cases

(Photo Supplied/Indiana National Guard)

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): Indiana reached an unfortunate milestone yesterday.

The Hoosier State recorded its one-millionth coronavirus case, according to data from the Indiana State Department of Health. That’s about 15% of the state’s total population of 6.7-million, with 12% of those cases – about 120,000 – coming from northeast Indiana.

The state dashboard says nearly 16,000 Hoosiers have died from the virus. Daily tracking of statewide cases seems to be on a downward trend.

Find a link to all of the data here.


  1. There have been far too many questions about test and deaths. The hospitals have been incentivized by the feds to count any death who has Covid as a Covid death. They rely on suspect testing methods. They also conflate the word “cases” with actual hospitalizations of people very sick. But a “case” may be nothing more than a positive test with no symptoms. I wold wager that is the vast majority of “Cases.” All over a virus that has a 99% plus recovery rate. We hear the sky is falling with the “case” rate but we never hear about the recoverys do we?? Something is very wrong with the whole panicdemic. All the while it is against “protocol” to use a couple of drugs that have been proven around the world to be effective in stopping Covid or at least minimizing the severity of the virus all without a skeevy “vaccine” being pushed by big pharma and their supporters in the government. The stock portfolios should be investigated on anyone who pushes the “vaccine.” I simply do not believe the reported numbers. If you want the “vaccine” then take it. But for those who do not want it leave them alone. If you have the “vaccine” they you are protected. RIGHT???

  2. …Just trying to figure out the point of this story. Why is 1 million a “milestone”?

    50% vaccinated, 15% recovered from covid = 65%

    5% x 6.7 million = 335k

    So we only need another 335k to either get vaccinated or recover from covid to get to the 70% herd immunity?

    seems like +/- 1.335 million should be the milestone, not 1 million.

    Interesting these “news stories” never have an actual “milestone” people need to achieve to “get back to normal”

  3. So are there now 1-million who have natural immunity from recovery?????

    During the Nazi regime many experiments we e done on people against their will. The Nuremberg Accords demanded informed consent for any medical procedure. Taking away people’s livelihoods is not informed consent it is Nazi like coercion.


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