Smith lays out plan to help teachers; Henry responds

(Photo Supplied/Tim Smith for Mayor)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith says he will spend more public money on public and private schools in the area.

Smith laid out his plan to address education issues at a press conference on Monday morning.

According to the Journal Gazette, Smith said “the mayor has said he has no role in education.  I fundamentally disagree.”

However, later on Smith stated that “constitutionally speaking” Henry is correct in his statement.

Smith did point out that the mayor does have a role in several areas such as, to promote the safety of students, assist with connecting students with employers, assist teachers financially, and to advocate for teachers and schools at the state level.

He specifically mentioned spending more money on sidewalks to increase the safety for children as they walk to school.  He also mentioned at least one, if not two resource officers should be stationed in all schools if desired.

Smith stated that he would set up a website for employers and students so that they can connect with each other.

According to Smith, teachers would be eligible for money from interest on the Legacy Fund to serve as reimbursement for using their own money to buy supplies.

Mayor Tom Henry issued a response to Tim Smith’s public address:

“I am glad to hear that Tim Smith joins me in supporting local public education. I do question, however, whether my opponent is running for Mayor or the Indiana General Assembly as Fort Wayne’s Mayor has no direct authority over our schools. Knowing my legal limitations as Fort Wayne’s Mayor, I will continue to pave sidewalks to schools like we just completed at St. Joseph Elementary; continue to staff our schools with Fort Wayne Police Officers like we have done throughout my tenure; continue the Mayor’s Youth Engagement Council which introduces young people to government; and, continue to foster those valued partnerships with our educational friends from the FWCS Career Academy to our universities, our vocational schools to organized labor.”



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