Shelters brace for intense cold

"IMG_2765" by cable27, CC BY 2.0

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Extremely cold, record-breaking temperatures are settling across the area, and forecasters are describing the subzero weather on the way as potentially life-threatening.

In the Fort Wayne area, all of the experts are predicting wind chills between -40 and -50 through Thursday afternoon. Many agencies are preparing to be crowded by people looking to escape the cold.

The Rescue Mission in downtown Fort Wayne is offering overnight accommodations for adult men, and their Charis House ministry is helping women and children. Others helping out include the Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network, Christian Praise and Fellowship Church, the Salvation Army, and Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation.

We have a link to the full list of emergency warming shelters here.


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