Senator Young Announces He Will Not Support Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Bid

Photo Supplied / U.S. Senator Todd Young

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  As the confirmation hearings regarding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s bid to become the first black woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States, many have wondered where the stance on her bid is locally.

For Indiana Senator Todd Young, he tells WOWO News that he will not support her nomination.  Young cited this decision came after reviewing Jackson’s written testimony, her statements, judicial record, and having personally visited with her.

Young went on to say that he feels that most of his fellow Republicans will also vote to not support Jackson’s bid with minor exceptions expected.


  1. Correct decision for Hoosiers and the country. We already have more than enough radicals in various offices that will not uphold their oath of office or do the job for America first.

    • Yeah! We need more Oath Keepers! (at least the ones not in jail for attempting to overthrow the United States government)

      • Hi, I taught everything Rube Hoosier knows….and I beleive everything Democrats and the National Media tells me because I am a useful idiot Democrat voter. I believe that 100’s of Unarmed citizens stormed the Capital to “overthrow” the US Government, even though the FBI and left wing ANTIFA were proven to be involved , as well as Democrat leadership was in charge of the capital security and were warned in advance, even after Trump offered to provide military security for the City during the event.

        Not only do I blindly beleive everything the Nazi Democrats and national media tells me, I keep repeating the Proven Lies as if people will beleive me.

        Please pray for me and Rube Hoosier as this is a mental illness from years of praying to Democrats to tell me what to think. If only I wouldn’t have gone to Harvard, I would have gotten a real education for 10% of the cost, and be able to think for myself. So dont listen to Nazi Democrats, the National media or disregard Reality, science or what some might say is Common Sense.

        Just Love your family/KIDS!, your friends, Freedom, God, community, science, reality, biology….and F— all those Nazi Democrats

  2. She cannot define woman. Judges need to go by definitions all the time woman has a definition look look it up. She is no good for the SCOTUS as such!

  3. I’m so fascinated by the decor choice. Why the 2010 Karen trifecta: barn star, empty frames, and cork art? If he thinks this looks good, what other questionable decisions will he make?

    Why did his team approve of the pic at the top where it looks like he’s soiling his trousers?

    So. Many. Questions.


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