Senator Todd Young Hopes To Support Gun Reform Bill, Needs To See Final Plan

Photo Supplied / U.S. Senator Todd Young

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA):  Indiana Senator Todd Young says he hopes to support the gun reform bill being finalized in the Senate.

Young cautions he still needs to see the final language, but he says he’s supportive of plans to help states with so-called red flag laws like Indiana’s. The framework outlined by negotiators a week ago would offer states funding to train courts and prosecutors on how to enforce the laws, which allow family members to request a hearing on whether someone poses a risk of violence and should temporarily surrender any firearms.

Young says he hasn’t seen anything so far that would undermine Second Amendment rights. “I would emphasize you can also undermine Second Amendment rights by failing to act reasonably when a hand is extended by some of your colleagues,” Young says

And Young praises the bill’s proposed spending on mental-health resources as “incredibly bold” and overdue.

Negotiators have indicated the final sticking point has been the so-called boyfriend loophole. You can’t buy a gun if you’ve been convicted of domestic violence, but that only applies if you and the victim were married. Senators trying to close that loophole have been struggling with the wording. Young says he hasn’t seen the wording under discussion, but says some fellow senators have expressed concern about making sure due process rights are protected. He says if senators can’t work it out, it might be better to move ahead with the rest of the bill.

Senators have been hoping to finalize the bill in time for a vote before a two-week recess begins at the end of the week.

Senator Todd Young joined Kayla Blakeslee during “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” to address his reasonings on the matter as well.


  1. Toad Young voted to move forward on the bill without reading it. What kind of slug votes like this? Toad Young needs to GO!!! SCOTUS already ruled Red Flag laws are unconstitutional. The vote was 9-0. The case was Caniglias v. Strom. The case was decided in 2021. Red Flag laws violate at least 3 amendments to our constitution. Beside being Unconstitutional they open the doors wide open fore abuse. The usual procedures is an Ex Parte hearing where the gun owner that is alleged to be violent isn’t even notified of the hearing. So he is denied his right to confront his accuser, to be present and/or have an attorney present on his behalf. They are civil procedures. Anyone can make an allegation, even someone who just doesn’t like something he wrote to the editor to the news paper or here on this site. There is NO PENALTY for a false accusation. Then the poor schlock has to spend big bucks suing the police department to get his property returned to him. To date, 1/3 of red flags accusations turn out to be false. Red Flags laws are legalized “swatting.” Just think about the Depp-Heard trial also including Red Flag accusations. There are a dozen other problems with rushing this bill through the US Senate. Our liberties are being very quickly being eroded by a desiccated old fool pretending to be president and his minions. Toad Young is legally blind if he can’t see the problems about personal liberty in this bill. How will this bill fix what happened in Uvalde Texas where the authorities stood around for an hour as little kids bled out or were murdered. They stood around as shots rang out and prevented other officers from going after the killer. Nothing in this bill fixes stupid. AND the red flag law bribes are skewed towards blue states. That violates the equal protection clause.

  2. Todd Young is a traitor to law-abiding Americans and a failure in every way. I will never, ever vote for him again, and I am appalled that he was not opposed in the recent primary. He takes the votes of Hoosiers for granted and then stabs us in the back. Todd is a horrible person. I despise him.

  3. Republican RINO’s just sold out more of your rights and violated their oaths of office: “Protect and uphold the Constitution of the US”
    Guess what? It includes the 2nd amendment, too. We wont forget them come election day…. They just committed political suicide and can pretty well forget about getting re-elected by voters they have now sold out.

  4. I was absolutely shocked when I saw Todd Young supporting something that is trying to take Away our constitutional rights. Your handlers MUST have something terrible on you. Your surely being blackmailed. It’s political suicide to join the RINOS while serving us Hoosiers.

  5. Really? You swore to uphold our Constitution and have betrayed us by voting away 2nd amendment rights. Is it because you think you are a shoo-in in the upcoming election? A democrat we would expect this from, but not a conservative. I hope the Libertarians are running a decent candidate this fall.

  6. Toad Young stabbed us int he back. Do not expect my vote in November. This bill won;t work any better than any other gun laws coming out of DC or any state capitol that takes rights rather than securing rights. Our founders told us in many of their writing that a law passed contrary to the US Constitution is to be treated as null and void. With radical dems, but I repeat myself, running rampant urging all to IGNORE the recent SCOTUS ruling on R v W I think we should ignore the recent gun law Toad Young is proud he voted for. I voted for a different Todd 6 years ago. That Todd has PROVEN he is more than capable of following his oath and the principles found in the US and State Constitutions.

  7. All politicians took an oath to serve and protect the constitution but 2nd amendment we shall not be infringed all politicians against our God given rights to be armed in the American people we will vote politicians out of office for betrayal of our rights to have guns


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