Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign donations are down

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Donations to the Salvation Army are down and they need help to reach their goal.

Usually around this time of the year, the Salvation Army is close to meeting their goal. But, the Red Kettle Campaign has reached 58 percent of the $250,000 goal, according to Captain of the Salvation Army in Fort Wayne Luis Acosta.

Acosta isn’t sure why the donations are lagging. He said it might be because they haven’t been receiving major donations or many bigger bills.

It could also be because the Salvation Army has about 47 locations set up around town, but on average, only have 14 bell ringers a day.

The Salvation Army could see some major setbacks if the goal isn’t met.

“The first thing would probably be budget cuts within our staff. Or programs being cut,” Acosta said. “You know, not being able to help as many people as we would like. We might not feel it now, but as we get closer to the summer is when we will start seeing major changes if we don’t meet our goal.
He is asking the community to “think of others during this Christmas time.”


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