Safe Haven Baby Box blessing in Aboite Township on Tuesday

(Photo supplied/Safe Haven Baby Boxes)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The public is invited to attend the blessing of a new Safe Haven Baby Box in Aboite Township Tuesday morning.

The event will occur at the site of the Baby Box, Aboite Township Fire Station #2 at 4233 Coventry Lane at 10:30 a.m. It will be the 129th Baby Box in the nation and the 93rd in Indiana.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes was founded by Monica Kelsey, who was abandoned as an infant. Baby Boxes are sophisticated devices featuring climate control and a silent alarm system that notifies first responders of a surrendered infant. The infant is then attended to within five minutes, medically evaluated, and adopted with 30 to 45 days.

21 infants have been placed in Baby Boxes nationwide since 2017, with seven occurring this year.


  1. I am pro life. I think it is great that the baby boxes are working. I also think that if a woman can abandon all responsibility for her child without being a criminal, then a father should be able to as well. Deadbeat dads are placed in prison. Just another double standard that elevates women to a ridiculous level above men. Think about it.

    • I’m a single mom, and I actually agree with your comment. I also think that if the father of the child wants to keep it, yet the mother doesn’t, she should carry the child and surrender her rights to the father at birth. I understand if a mother feels like she can’t take care of the child, believe me, but allowing the mother the murder the child in utero is the primary indication of a culture that has completely lost its moral compass.

  2. These are band aids on the real problem. They do not cure the real problem. The real problem is lack of character and morality. What do we expect when the school are allowed to teach skeevy stuff to our kids that cannot be verified by biology or purposely creating chaos in the minds of the kiddies? Also this kind of teaching exposes utter chaos in the minds of the teachers and administrators. What can we expect when we don’t even respect the way we became a male of female at birth? What can we expect when violent thugs are not prosecuted in many places thereby showing NO respect for life? What can we expect when parents are far too concerned with their own activities and not taking care of their kids for the first 18 years? Yes, I’m glad there is a way to save the innocent baby wit the baby box. I just think it will not solve any problem once the kid gets into school and starts being taught chaos along with a childhood if unconcerned parents doing their own thing.


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