SACS Diversity & Inclusion Partnership Put On Hold

(Photo Supplied/SACS)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Southwest Allen County Schools’ initial plans to work with a facilitator skilled in diversity and inclusion issues have fallen through, for now.  The plan was to begin the process in April according to The Journal Gazette. Superintendent Park Ginder confirmed after the board meeting Tuesday that the most notable action of the night was the unanimous approval of new school hours, which take effect for the 2023-24 academic year.

Ginder did not elaborate on why the proposed $60,000 consulting agreement with Will Moreland was pulled from the agenda as the 7,800-student district was seeking outside guidance as it navigated diversity, equity and inclusion concerns that escalated back on February 9th in demonstrations and discussions that disrupted classes at Homestead High School.

Ginder went on to say that it was disappointing the district’s partnership with Moreland did not advance.


  1. That Superintendent Park Ginder needs replaced if he is “disappointed” that the School won’t be teaching kids to be Racist….that’s exclusively the result of teaching kids about “diversity, equity and inclusion”…Grooming them to judge people based on skin color, effectively becoming little Democrats part of “Group-think”, and NOT free Thinkers – judging people as Martin Luther King Jr. wanted.

    Parents, take your kids out of Southwest Allen if they ever move forward with this Garbage unless you want you kids to be Groomed


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