Representative Todd Rokita releases new school safety report

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): Rep. Todd Rokita is urging Hoosiers to get involved in their school communities to help protect the students after he released the new school safety report.

“There is no more time to be ill-equipped or unprepared when it comes to handling the lives of our future generations.”  Says Rokita.  “I have hosted School Safety Summits so that our communities can proactively do their part in keeping our students safe.  In the midst of a national conversation about school safety, these reports offer the local perspective of teachers, administrators, and law enforcement sharing what they have found to be best practices.”  Rep. Todd Rokita also says, “President Trump is taking important steps today to explore the best ways to empower states and communities to protect our nation’s children, and I’m proud of the work local education and safety leaders have offered to this important conversation.”

Two School Safety Summits were held by The Congressman with moderators, panelists, and participants from all around Indiana. Topics of discussions were school safety, opioid epidemic and cyberbullying.  They discussed security threats, assessment tools, and student’s well-being within the schools.

Some solutions they came up with on school safety are; access to panic devices, school resource officers. Funding solutions and restrict access to individuals.

As far as the opioid epidemic; encourage people to go to rehab, recognize drug addiction as a medical as well as a criminal issue and do not legalize marijuana.  With Cyberbullying; parents need to be more involved with their children and encourage them to stand up for their friends and supervise social media account access and limit screen time.


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