Report: Allegiant flights “4X as likely to fail”

"Allegiant Air 757" by Cory W. Watts, some rights reserved

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): An airline that offers flights to and from Fort Wayne is coming under scrutiny thanks to a Florida newspaper’s report.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that an investigation of Allegiant Air found that their planes are “four times as likely to fail” as those operated by other airlines. The report cites 77 times Allegiant flights had to make unexpected landings for mechanical failures in 2015 alone, although none of those landings led to any reprimands or punishments by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Allegiant CEO Maurice Gallagher Jr. did not dispute the paper’s findings.

Allegiant offers flights out of the Fort Wayne International Airport to Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Myrtle Beach.


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