Most recent drug contraband leads Whitley County Sheriff wanting more security.

(WOWO) Fort Wayne, Ind.- It’s not uncommon for drugs to find their way into jails and the Whitley County Jail found that to be true yet again this week.

Wonica Johns-Bates was being searched by jail staff Monday when a container with heroin in it released the drug powder into the air. Two dozen people were sent to the Parkview Whitley Hospital to be checked for exposure to the drug. Jail administrators tell the Journal Gazette that inmates and those outside the facility are finding new ways to import these drugs into the prisons.

This is the second incident in four months around Fort Wayne in which contraband has been found among prisoners, and Sheriff Marc Gatton is looking for ways to keep the dangerous substances out of the building. “It just doesn’t seem like it used to be. It seems like things are changing,” said Gatton.

There are meetings scheduled for next week which are to include discussion on the incident and how the workers responded.


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