Public comments suspended for now at Northwest Allen County Schools

Photo Supplied/Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) Northwest Allen County School’s Board will not allow public comment at board meetings for now.

The school’s board of trustees announced yesterday that they are suspending comments – although members of the public are still able to attend the meetings. The board cited safety concerns that have been reported to the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

Lawsuits are pending against the school board, Governor Holcomb and the county and state health departments over COVID-19 protocols.


NACS School Board pauses public comment at meetings

Fort Wayne, Ind. (Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021) –The Board of School Trustees for Northwest Allen County Schools is pausing public comment at its meetings pending the assessment, design and implementation of an enhanced safety plan for its meetings due to safety concerns reported to the Board by the Allen County Police Department. The NACS School Board is committed to resuming public comment when it is confident that public comment can occur in a safe manner.

Northwest Allen County Schools believes in providing a healthy and safe learning environment that engages, supports and challenges each learner in a culture of achievement and excellence. More information about NACS may be found at NACS serves and estimated 7,922 students in 11 schools spanning three townships in Allen County.


  1. Big surprise. Thats what fascists do, Lie and shut down all discussions.

    The only people you need to worry about being violent are these scared little puppets pushing for masks and vaccines for everyone…just like the kids that forced the President of the NASC School Board to remove his kids due to harrassment by the pro-mask Nazis.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Wowo even suspends comments on here just like they did with Covid “news” a couple days ago

  2. The first amendment is the first for a reason we cannot keep letting constitutional rights be trumped by public safety. You can make a public safety excuse for just about anything. This is how we will lose our country. The people who are attempting to stop free speech must be removed from their positions immediately. Our public safety relies on the freedom of speech as well. It is our most important right and it must be guarded as if it is.

  3. So basically more public servants are are suppressing free speech. Schools are funded by US, the taxpayer. They do not generate any income on their own. They’re here to teach our kids. They don’t have the right to dictate anything to those they serve. More Gov’t overreach, only now it’s hitting our kids hard.

  4. I support the lawsuits. these “leaders” are out lf control. Somehow The People must regain control of their government at every level. Besides, what ever happened to transparency?????? These stooges work for us not the other way around. We DO NOT work for them!!!!

  5. This was done at the suggestion of the Allen County Police Department. Students, staff members, and board members of NACS have received threats (in-person and digitally) and have been accosted after speaking at these board meetings. When the public learns to behave responsibily and in a civil manner, they’ll be allowed to voice their opinions nonce again.

  6. Public schools are paid for by the public and belong to the public. The school board works/represents the Parents in the operation of the school… The board should be the interface between the parents and the professional staff of the school.
    This virus is very difficult with changing parameters with each mutation. It is critical to have open communications and that can only happen with parent input. If the board is unwilling or unable to deal with parental input they should resign and allow someone who can correctly do the job take over. Not listening to the parents should NEVER be an option in a public school. That being said the science is constantly changing to keep up with the mutations. It is critical for schools to follow the changes in order to prevent a serious escalation of SARS-CoV-2 along with the pending Flu season. Our kids are already behind and we should work together to prevent it from becoming worse than it already is.

  7. So TA? The police are now silencing parents in the school district, & that’s legal how. If they have credible threats to someone they should investigate it. Shutting down free speech is not how to induct investigations, especially when it involves medical decisions made by the parents. Not your business or the governments. This will be solved when theses medical tyrants are voted out.

  8. I assume there will be news coverage at the next meeting since this was announced. Perfect. Attend the meeting. Say nothing. When it’s over, there should be tens of parents willing to express their thoughts to any news reporters there. The board can’t silence you. News outlets are watching and ready to report. Show up. Be heard!


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