Protester loses eye after being hit in face with tear gas

("Police Car Lights" by Scott Davidson, CC BY 2.0)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne police say the moment where a protester being hit in the face with a tear gas canister, causing him to lose his right eye, was accidental.

21-year-old Balin Brake shared photos on Twitter of the aftermath, saying police “unnecessarily and improperly” fired at him during weekend protests that turned chaotic and violent. He told our Partners in News at ABC 21 that he underwent emergency surgery, but added in a follow-up tweet that he lost the eye.

The FWPD says the canister bounced up into his face as Brake was bending down to pick up another canister and throw it back at police. The department’s full statement is as follows:

“According to our officers on the ground, the protester was still in the area after commands to leave the area were given. Gas was deployed in the area and the protester bent over to pick up the canister to throw it back at officers as many others were trying to do. When he bent over another canister was deployed in the area and that canister skipped and hit the protester in the eye. There was no deliberate deployment of gas to any person’s head.”


  1. Asked to leave area, did not comply. Bending over to throw back a canister already deployed on the ground, that is an act of violence in and of itself. When blacks and people of color realize that the Liberal Democrats of this country are NOT looking out for them, they will soon be on a path of freedom.

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  2. Will Obamacare cover the cost of the parrot, or will he have to pay for that out of pocket? Aye, matey!

  3. No sympathy! Play with fire and you’re bound to get burned! Maybe he’ll learn his lesson, though I doubt it since he blames the police for his own stupidity!

  4. I bet his parents are mad… Now he has even more of an excuse to never move out of the basement.

  5. Just an F-Y-Eye…You’re not a Protester if you are being violent and clashing with police.

  6. oh my. i’m so sad to be a hoosier after these comments . coments are angry and mean, not like hoosiers i remember.
    And pray tell, why do police need tear gas in fort wayne.????
    And how would this policeman know that this man was going to throw it back to the police? his story simply doesn’t make sense.
    A young man loses an eye while participating in a protest and you say he deserves it! time for you commenters to read about our american revolution.

  7. Oh My, I’m so sad to be a Hoosier after the comment above. “coments” are written without any concept of reality. Why do Rioters need to be violent and destroy downtown when the Fort Wayne Police has such a good track record???? Why else would a rioter run to go pickup a teargas canister? His Complaints against the police doesn’t make sense. A young criminal loses an eye while committing a crime and you say we should be sympathetic! Time for you commenter to take some pills that bring you back to reality.

  8. When he is shown on the street its his other eye. Wonder just how that happened? Surely this isn’t more fake news is it?

    • If you look at the cut on his lip in both photos, that’s flipped as well. I would point out that when you take a picture with the “forward-facing” camera on your phone, the image can sometimes be flipped, as if you’re taking a photo using a mirror. That seems to be the case here.

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