Proposed vape regulations could close most of Indiana’s vape shops

Ind. (WOWO): Indiana could see a major drop in vape shops around the state.

This week, the Indiana General Assembly passed a bill that increases regulations on the vaping industry, according to the IndyStar. The bill is waiting for Gov. Mike Pence’s approval or veto.

“This has an earth-shattering, industry-killing effect,” Evan McMahon, chairman of Hoosier Vapers, told the IndyStar.

Some of those measures include requiring that mixing is done in a clean room, business owners must undergo background checks and stores must apply for a $1,000 permit.

Stores also have to have at least one employee who is a certified consultant on architectural hardware (like door locks) and another employee who is a certified technician on rolling steel fire doors.

Only one company in the state meets those requirements.

Supporters of the bill says the regulations are important because studies note that vaping products contain nicotine and other toxic substances. If vape shops don’t mix the liquid correctly, it can be very dangerous.

Others say the regulations stem from a concern about quality control and keeping consumers safe.

The regulations are part of an alcohol and tobacco bill that contains several other measures, including allowing a private development at the Indiana Dunes State Park.

To learn what vape shop owners have to say about the new regulations, read the whole story by the IndyStar.


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