Police list weapons, other items found in car

LOS ANGELES (AP): Authorities say an Indiana man charged in California with weapons violations before a major gay pride parade had a high-capacity assault rifle, two other loaded rifles, 15 pounds of commercially sold explosive, a stun gun and buck knife in his car when he was arrested.

Santa Monica police Detective Derek Leone also said Tuesday the two ingredients of the explosive had been mixed and that if detonated by a rifle, “would have posed a grave danger.”

Leone described the items in court records as part of his request that a judge increase bail for 20-year-old James Wesley Howell. Leone says Howell also had a security badge.
Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz says all the items found in Howell’s car don’t “pass the common sense test.” He set bail at $2 million.

Howell’s defense attorney, Pamela Jones, says there’s no evidence Howell intended to detonate the explosive commonly used by gun enthusiasts.

Howell was arrested Sunday with the weapons and explosive materials in a car he apparently drove from Indiana. He told police he was headed to a gay pride event in West Hollywood that attracts hundreds of thousands of people.


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