UPDATE: Police investigate shooting at Glenbrook Square

(WOWO News)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): One person is confirmed hurt after a shooting this evening at Glenbrook Square mall.

Fort Wayne Police Dispatch tells WOWO News one man was shot in the leg outside the entrance closest to the food court at about 6:15pm. Officers are currently on the scene and an investigation is underway.

This message was left on the WOWO Voicemail from a mall patron, capturing the sounds of people being ushered to safety:

The victim is in serious condition.

**UPDATE, 8:58pm**

Police say Glenbrook Square staff immediately initiated its lockdown protocol until police confirmed the area was safe. Officers spoke to several witnesses and located shell casings in the mall parking lot.  Once it was confirmed the incident was confined to the parking lot and did not occur inside the mall, the lock-down was released.

Detectives are currently interviewing the victim and potential witnesses.  They hope to obtain suspect information once those interviews are concluded.


  1. Nothing on the tv news not a break in programming to announce the shooting. thanks for reporting right away!! I’m staying home!!

  2. He was inside the building!I went in the mall after the man was shot but it wasn’t until we got upstairs that we heard another gunshot from INSIDE the mall.


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