Police checking whether Indiana dairy farm abuse was coerced

(Photo Supplied/Fair Oaks Farms)

FAIR OAKS, Ind. (AP) – A prosecutor says investigators are looking into whether an animal rights group worker coerced employees at a large northwestern Indiana dairy farm into the abuse of young calves that was captured on undercover video.

Newton County Prosecutor Jeff Drinski says a witness has corroborated allegations from an abuse suspect that the Animal Recovery Mission employee encouraged the abuse at Fair Oaks Farms. Drinski says detectives will try to interview the group’s employee.

Animal Recovery Mission founder Richard Couto called the allegation “ridiculous and absurd.” He says none of the group’s video shows any encouragement of abuse.

The farm that’s a popular agritourism destination has faced public backlash over videos released by the group. It’s also been the flagship farm for Fairlife milk, which has been dropped by several grocery chains.


  1. “…He says none of the group’s video shows any encouragement of abuse.” Of course not, because video can’t be edited at all…Sure hope that all involved in the abuse including the people who did not immediately report it get their just reward!

  2. The general public must really be that stupid to think that farmers have so much time on their hands and hate the animals they take care of and depend on…to abuse them…? Additionally, that Richard Couto must be quite a moron. Does he think that they are going to make a slanderous video that includes proof of them being coerced? Only a Democrat would say something stupid like that.


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