Passengers again using Waterloo’s 1880s train depot

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WATERLOO, Ind. (AP): A northeastern Indiana train depot dating to the 1880s is back in action as a station for Amtrak passengers.

The depot will be used by passengers boarding the trains that stop four times daily in the DeKalb County town of Waterloo.

The (Auburn) Star reports that the depot includes a display of photographs and artifacts from Waterloo’s railroading history and one of its original benches.

Amtrak official Charlie Monte Verde says the remodeled depot is a “fantastic front door” for the town 25 miles north of Fort Wayne.

The depot was moved about 1,000 feet closer to the bus-type shelter previously used as the train station as part of a project including a larger parking lot, landscaping and sidewalks. A $1.8 million federal grant paid for the work.


  1. I am glad to hear that. In the 1970’s, I worked for Conrail out of Waterloo and we used that depot as our office area.It was dark, dirty, with creaky floorboards. Looking forward to seeing it now!


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