Parents sue NACS over masks, school district responds

Photo Supplied/Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The battle over coronavirus-related mandates in area schools has now entered the legal arena.

Mitchell Litigation and Advocacy has filed a lawsuit on behalf of four families against Governor Holcomb, the state and local health departments, and Northwest Allen County Schools over what they call “arbitrary and unlawful” rules imposed on K-12 students over the coronavirus.

Attorney Kevin Mitchell made his case on Fort Wayne’s Morning News Monday. Listen here.

Ultimately, “freedom from unwanted medical treatment, freedom from invasive contact tracing and quarantines, and freedom from compelled vaccination” are what the lawsuit is seeking.

Northwest Allen County Schools issued a response to the lawsuit Monday evening:

“Our focus remains on meeting the needs of our students. Eventually time and taxpayer monies will have to be redirected from meeting the needs of children to address the lawsuit filed by a few parents. We are confident that the courts will ultimately rule in our favor. Continuing to provide opportunities for students to access learning onsite in a healthy and safe learning environment remains our priority.”


  1. Northwest Allen County Schools’ response spells out all you need to know about those people. They don’t care about what parents want for their children and don’t care what any of them have to say.

    Sure it’s “only a few parents” that filed the lawsuit, but filed this lawsuit on behave of an overwhelming majority of parent at EVERY single school board meeting, who wants nothing to do with these Anti-science, dictatorship mandates by the school board.

    These Morons are imposing MASS CHILD ABUSE with their anti-science mask mandates. MONEY is all these people care about with all the extra incentives from the State and Federal governments.

    The only reason the school board “are confident that the courts will ultimately rule in our favor”…is because Courts very rarely rule in favor of limiting the power of the government when then government has OBVIOUSLY OVERREACHED THEIR POWER as outlined in the constitution. At the very least, they are in violation of both the 1A and 5A, as well as Advise and Consent, medical privacy laws.

    The day they “focus on meeting the needs of our students”…is the day they STOP focusing on Mandate Money and address the concerns of the parents with this garbage mask crap and abolishing Critical Racist Theory teachings.

  2. The School Board response also shows immense arrogance. Like good progressive-dem-Marxists they think they know what’s best for their students. They aren’t their students they belong to the parents.

    Yet we live in a Republic where the liberty/rights of the individual is fully protected by our founding documents and the oath each of these fools take upon entering service on the board.

    For at least 50 years the mantra of the left has been “My Body, My Rights.” That idea has now been breached.

    Slowly but most surely the information is emerging that masks do not work. Vaccines do not keep people from getting Covid either. and a sizable portion of those who take it develop very serious complications. They only claim to reduce the possibility of hospitalization or death. So do a number of medicines that do not tinker with the immune system.

    Emerging studies now show that natural immunity acquired from recovery from Covid is more durable and robust than any of the vaccines no mater how many doses are given. It is quite obvious that government health officials at every level have and are now lying about Covid and how to treat it. Darth Fauci has been a hurricane of schizophrenic and many time contradictory statements on the subject. Why anyone would listen to him is astounding. I’m rooting for the Parents on this one.

    Look, if you want to wear 5 masks around even when by yourself in an open field go ahead. You have a right to do so. If you want to get all three vaccines go right ahead. You have that right. But you have no right as an individual or as a member of a government agency to demand violating the rights of parents, students, or THE PEOPLE.


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