One person in serious condition after stabbing

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – One person is in serious condition after being stabbed early Thursday morning.

The stabbing occurred at the Tall Oaks Apartments on the 7300 block of Decatur Road on the city’s south side, according to our partners in news at ABC 21.

This story is ongoing and updates will be provided as more information comes in.


  1. I’m sure its not his fault the knife he was holding decided to stab someone, and we are all lucky the knife didn’t decide to continue stabbing others as with other mass stabbings that often occur and rarely make it to the news. Also grateful his vehicle didn’t decide to run people over as he was leaving the scene.

    These knives are dangerous and need to be taken off the streets. When are we going to hold these manufacturers responsible!! The National Knife Collectors Association has blood on their hands!

    We need to protect the public from all these assault weapons. Time to enact comprehensive background checks for all knife purchases. Need to eliminate loopholes for purchasing knives at gun & knife shows. The Federal Government needs to start a Federal Knife registry! Did this guy steal the knife from someone else during a burglary?… Well then that knife owner then needs their life ruined because they didn’t properly secure the knife within their own home.

    Everyone needs to turn in your knifes so that events like this never happen again!! If there are no tools available to commit murder and attempted murder, then violence will end forever.

    And no ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the victim, as we all know that means nothing.


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