Ohio schools shut over lead-tainted water to resume classes

("Faucet" by Joe Shlabotnik, CC BY 2.0)

SEBRING, Ohio (AP) _ Schools shut down for three days over lead-tainted water in rural northeastern Ohio are slated to reopen.

Classes in the Sebring school district near Youngstown were expected to resume Wednesday after being closed three days in a row.

Residents in the village and two other communities were told late last week that high levels of lead had been found last summer in the drinking water.

Ohio’s environmental regulators say residents should have been told by no later than November about the elevated lead levels.

Recent tests at the schools found that two drinking fountains at separate schools had lead levels that exceeded Environmental Protection Agency standards.

School officials say they have shut off those drinking fountains and that students are allowed to bring their own water and hand sanitizer to classes.


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