Officers hurt in inmate’s apparent escape attempt

("Jail Cells" by My Southborough, CC BY-ND 2.0)

CELINA, Ohio (WOWO): Two officers were injured in an attempted escape at the Mercer County Jail last night.

According to a press release from Sheriff Jeff Grey, it happened a few minutes before 8pm, when an inmate who was being held in the intake area told an officer he had defecated in his pants and needed to shower and change.

Once the officer let him out, the inmate attacked, and in the ensuing scuffle got ahold of an officer’s taser. Then he allegedly tried to get the doors released from the intake area before being taken back into custody minutes later.

The two officers hurt in the incident received minor injuries and were treated and released from a nearby hospital. The inmate wasn’t hurt.

Grey says the facility worked as designed and contained the incident to the intake area:

“These two corrections officers remained calm throughout the incident giving back-up officers the opportunity to arrive. We continue to see more and more inmates with violent tendencies, I commend the staff and the responding officers for quickly regaining control. This is becoming a dangerous business, even in our small community.”


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