Northwest Allen County School Board issues statement condemning threats to staff

Photo Supplied/Northwest Allen County Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The Northwest Allen County School Board issued a statement earlier this week, condemning threats that have been made to staff members over a controversial mask mandate.

The board is asking people to demonstrate respect toward those they may disagree with, and also said that they support the First Amendment but also condemn any threat, implied or real, aimed at educators.

The Journal-Gazette reports that no details surrounding the threats have been released, and that uniformed Allen County Sheriff’s Officers have monitored recent board meetings.


  1. Why should parents show respect towards school employees ,their employees, when those same people show utter disrespect for the parents? Just because Obervaxenführer Fauci ignores the “science” on if the masks work or not doesn’t mean parents cannot find the answers they need. My four youngest grand-kids are going back to home school to avoid the schizophrenic make mandates that are based on NOTHING but totalitarian tendencies. what will the school do if say 10% of their students do the same. How much will their funding be cut. If parents cannot be heard then grabbing the school in the pocket book will be the only way to get their attention. Then there is the issue of (hypo)critical race theory being taught as fact.

    • Slacker06 has shown their slacking abilities by not educating him/herself. Thank you out there to our teachers/administrators for looking out for our children and our educators. Maybe if the person writing this post goes to college and educates themself our society would be better well served.

      • I always love it when someone writes a statement (Slacker06), then someone else (ProfC) gets on here and essentially writes ‘You are Wrong’, then criticizes them and call them stupid or uneducated. And the best part is is they never say How they are wrong!

        Then ProfC wants Slacker06 to “go to college” and “educate themself”….so which is it? Go to college, or educate themself?

        Just because someone hasn’t gone to college doesn’t mean their Opinion is any less valid, their statement is any less factual or even less intelligent than those that have attended college.

        These days, college no long teaches students HOW to learn or think, they teach students WHAT to think. The dumbest, least logical crap I have ever read come from Academia….want an example…Critical Race Theory

        If you want to “educate yourself”, just pick up a book or do the research for yourself.

    • We must stand up for these kids they are our feature generation! Lies have been told and this whole mess with the covid numbers has been a determining factor in shutting down our education and our finances in so many ways. We must tell the truth and the science and not listen to faucy who is flip flopped on at least eight different issues

  2. Slacker06 is correct!!

    What is the School Board’s position on the Anti-American, Racist – critical Race Theory?

    And where is the School Board’s response to the Senior at Carroll that spoke up during last Public Hearing and told the audience that Critical Race Theory is being taught in Lit Class?

    If you don’t care about the Parents’ concerns and the content of what they are being taught, why should anyone care about your concerns?

    DO YOUR JOB!!!

  3. For years school boards were able to operate without parents being very involved… sort of out of site out of mind. With the SARS-Cov-2 and now critical race theory parents are taking an interest. All is not well with several school boards. Several school boards have forgotten that parents elect them to represent the parents and be the interface with the educators. The board is NOT there to dictate to the parents what should happen in schools. Parents should have significant input into what happens in our schools and the board/educators can use their expertise to implement the parents directive. As a university assistant professor and health care provider I was amazed that a majority of home schooled students performed better that public school trained students in my science classes. It appears to me that our schools need more not less parent input. A number of schools are serving teachers agendas and not training our children to be successful. Change is needed. Social engineering and brainwashing of our children needs to stop. Give our children the facts…both good and bad. Train them to be intelligent citizens and the students will see what is fair and what is not. Telling our White children that they are racist because they are white and our black children that they are forever second class because of suppression from their white class mates is absurd. If that were true we would not have passed laws to prevent unfair treatment of any citizen. We would not have had a black president and re-elected him. We now have a black vice-president as well as several black and brown citizens in positions of great power/influence. All required the vote or support of the majority of our White citizens. The past was not always perfect and the present is not always ideal. Placing division based on race within our population will never make anything better. I thought MLK taught us that in the 60’s.


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