Northrop High School student charged with dealing fake Xanax

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Fort Wayne high school student is facing felony charges after police say he sold fake Xanax to his classmates.

Northrop High School student Jacob Howard, 18, was charged Wednesday with four counts of dealing a look-a-like substance, according to the Journal Gazette.

Fort Wayne Police warned residents on April 1 about the fake drug, which they say is some kind of synthetic benzodiazepine. Police said multiple people have been hospitalized because of drug overdoses from the fake drug and that two people died in the past three weeks because of the pills.

After a 18-year-old Northrop student was sent to the hospital and a urine test showed presence of the fake drug, police were able to narrow its search to Howard. The student later admitted to buying the pills in a school bathroom.

Howard later admitted to police he sold five pills to the student who overdosed, according to court documents. He also said he sold six of the same pills to three other students in a school bathroom.

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